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How many calories does Yoga Burn help you burn?

How many calories does Yoga Burn help you burn?

Yoga Burn or Hot yoga is essentially a very intense form of yoga. Although most of us associate this particular form of yoga with rapid weight loss, fervent Burn Yogis have a different opinion. They consider this yogic form as a form of preventive exercise which helps in keeping ailments at bay and provides holistic health benefits. Weight loss or burning calories are just one of these benefits.

Despite this, nowadays, weight loss is of the primary reason for practicing this intense form of Hot yoga. When it comes to Burn yoga, calories burned and estimation of weight loss are the prime queries and most of us would be keen to arrive at specific figures for the same.

Determining factors

Weight loss does not solely depend on how often you practice Burn yoga. Calories burned during Burn yoga sessions can vary from person to person. There are several factors which govern the same

To begin with, your actual weight could be a major determining factor in the number of calories your burn during a session of Burn yoga.

Calories burned also depend on other factors which include your gender, your current body state and your body type.

If you are suffering from conditions such as morbid obesity and have been overweight since young, the rate of calorie burn could be slower than in the case of an individual who has suffered temporary weight gain in the recent past.

Therefore, you need to keep these factors in perspective before assessing the rate of calorie burn. The results of Burn yoga also depend on the following crucial factors:

  • When it comes to Burn yoga, calories burned would also depend on the approach adopted.
  • You need to practice Burn yoga at least 10 times within a span of 30 days. In addition,
  • Follow your Burn yoga instructor’s orders and learn to hold on to your postures for as long as he advises you to. This is essential for burning maximum calories resulting in weight loss.
  • Ideally, the amount of calories burned would also depend on how you plan the sequence of your postures, without fidgeting too often from one posture to the other.
  • Keep a mirror before you when you perform the sessions of Burn yoga. It will help you get your postures absolutely right.

During a session of Burn yoga, calories are burnt primarily because the body temperature increases during the course of these intense sessions. This in turn enhances the cardiovascular intensity just like aerobic exercises do. Therefore, depending upon your current heart rate and muscle mass, you can burn approximately 500–1000 calories per every Burn yoga session.

Burn yoga as a form is primarily favoured because it can easily burn hundreds of calories within a short span of time. In addition, Burn sessions also help in improving joint flexibility, strength, endurance and attaining mental stability. Therefore, this intense yogic form should not be practiced for weight loss alone. When performed correctly and religiously, Burn yoga can provide immense holistic benefits for a healthy and active life.


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